Youth Develpoment

Will be at Bell Bank Park Powered by Legacy Sport USA.

One Legacy Drive, Mesa AZ 85212



With the increased court capacity, it expands our ability to provide additional services and training programs for our athletes! It is our goal to continue to train and develop our athletes in a way they will become confident in their abilities, have the capacity to improve faster, and reach the goals they set for themselves. 


Due to the nature of these additional training, even current athletes from other clubs would be able to participate. These programming offers are for any athlete who would like to get extra reps!

Elite Youth Development

6 Week Sessions. 9-14 year olds. 2x per week. 1 Hour per day.

Specific focus on skills-based training in a competitive environment. Club coaches, Club philosophy and an emphasis on technical training learned through game play.

Monthly option as well as Drop-in sessions.

Tuesday and Thursday 4-5pm


Skills Training

Designed for all athletes looking to strengthen specific parts of their game. 

Each week will focus on a different skill. Come in for 1 hour to get additional reps on a specific skill. Use this time to get the needed 1on1 training or small group training with specific skill-based focuses. 

All Wednesday options or pick your skills Wednesday

Training will be held on Wednesdays from 6-7pm.

Academy Program


Built around 1 on 1 and small group training models.

Athletes will be grouped by desired skill and age to work on skills, technique, and strategies they specifically want help in developing.

Monthly fee or Single Day Drop in fee

Will run from 7-8pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays.