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University Athlete

UA is the premier communication tool connecting college coaches and student athletes. They don’t sell athletes to colleges nor promote them in any way so the coaches trust UA and use UA services. UA combines the convenience of an online database with powerful mobile software to assist coaches’ recruiting efforts at tournaments. At a tournament, colleges can instantly find any player, identify new players, evaluate and take notes without losing valuable time needed to watch the action. More than 300 Div I and more than 500 Div II, III, Juco and NAIA programs use University Athlete.
In addition to the free athlete profile, UA has some optional services to help pay the bills. None of these are required to maintain everything in the athlete profile. To select these, log in to your account and upgrade.


FL believe in the power of sports. They love what sports brings to the world so much that our company exists for one purpose: to help people find, access, and create opportunities in sports. They are on a mission to connect the world’s athletic community to make it easier for athletes and coaches to experience all the benefits of sports and get the most out of their athletic journey.
They have a free athlete profile and as you link up with our club your coach will start to get you in-front of college coaches through FL.
Now FL also has a premium membership that you can pay by the month and cancel anytime. Again this not requirement to maintain your athlete profile. Select the correct button below so we could get you started. 

If you have any questions please contact coach Gehrig@rushvolleyball.com

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